Zanskar, neglected by the Indian government

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On the eve of a new tourist season, the Ladakhi Budisht Association Zanskar (LBAZ), which promotes the Zanskar Valley cause, has submitted a series of requests to the Indian government focusing mainly on road improvements, electricity and telecommunications.

While the Indian government boasts of the country’s digital development, the Zanskar region is covered by only one BSNL (state-owned telecommunications company) antenna, which often breaks down. Thus the mobile network is typically available no more than 6 or 7 hours a day and the Internet access is very difficult and slow.

The same is true of the power supply, which is regularly interrupted, forcing most residents and visitors to dine by candlelight.

As for the road network, the inhabitants of Zanskar are still waiting for the new road that will connect Leh directly to Padum via the Zanskar Gorge. Unfortunately, it is several years behind schedule and does not seem to be one of the government’s priorities.

All these requests are backed by an deadline. If within a week the government does not give a satisfactory response, the association threatens to stop all activity (“shutdown”) in Zanskar for a week and will support this protest by a hunger strike by some of its representatives in Kargil.

Electric towers
Electric towers

Source : Greater Kashmir 12.06.2018

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