Support our association

You can support our association and its activities with Lamdon Model High School (LMHS) and the children of Zanskar who attend school there in different ways. Whatever the amount and duration of your contribution, it will be used entirely to finance projects related to the campus and the schooling of children.

In return, you will be regularly informed of the evolution of the school and the various projects in progress.

Become a member

The strength of an association primarily depends on the number of its members. AaZ currently has over 600 members in France, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Sponsor a child

Becoming a sponsor means that a boy or girl in the heart of the Himalayas can go to school for 10 to 12 years with your help. This is an important moral commitment on your part.

Support the school

By subscribing to a school support, your commitment allows us to improve the school's daily operations, to replace a defective sponsor or to respond to an emergency situation

Make a donation

You also have the possibility of supporting our work by making a one-time donation of the amount of your choice. This will then be used to finance specific projects related to the LMHS.