Stanzin’s laptop and projector

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Stanzin Munjom teaches computer science at Lamdon Model High School in Zanskar. The conditions for teaching new technologies in this school, which is located near Padum, at an altitude of more than 3600 metres, are not always ideal and a decent bandwidth is pretty much a rare thing. Together with an aging equipment and the absence of a projector, this becomes a real tour de force for the teacher.

So when Stanzin asked us to purchase a new PC (laptop) and a projector, AaZ-CH didn’t hesitate for a second to finance this equipment so that the children of Zanskar could learn how to use computers. But the delays between obtaining the financing and the delivery of the equipment are a little longer than with us and Stanzin still had to wait many months before finally being able to receive his new equipment.

Today, the new equipment has finally arrived in Padum and Stanzin sent us a photo where he proudly poses with his PC and his projector with Pali, Chairman of the Managing Committee. We are delighted to know that LMHS students will be able to benefit from this new equipment as of the next school year, which will take place in March.

Stanzin with his laptop and projector
Stanzin with his laptop and projector



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