Remote learning for LMHS students

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As the 2020 school year had just begun on Monday, March 2, at the end of winter, the Indian government took the decision to close all schools in the country 8 days later in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. All the LMHS students therefore went back to their families in the different villages of the valley where they follow the distance learning courses, either by Internet, radio or through the distribution of printed materials directly to the students.

First announced for mid-June, and then for July 1st, the re-opening of schools in the country has been postponed several times and it is now mid-August for the next possible opening with uninterrupted classes until December 15th (usually the school closes at the beginning of November with the arrival of the first snows). However, the territory of Ladakh has been relatively spared by the virus since only one death has been recorded to date for a total of 1142 cases.

Below are some pictures of the teachers preparing the lessons for their students

Photo credit: Aiuto allo Zanskar onlus

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