New access to Zanskar from the South

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After the construction work on the future road that will link Padum directly to Leh along the banks of the Zanskar River (work that has been ongoing for many years), the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) announces new access to the Zanskar Valley from the south. This is the trekking route between Darcha and Padum that has been widened and transformed into a track accessible to 4×4 vehicles and trucks. Tarring is planned from next summer as well as the construction of a tunnel under the ShinkuLa pass in order to make the road passable all year round.

As a reminder, the only access to Zanskar by vehicle remains, to this day, the historic road from Kargil which crosses the PensiLa pass at an altitude of 4400 metres. As this road is closed due to snow for more than 6 months of the year, the Zanskar remains in total isolation throughout the winter. Only the Chadar itinerary, using the frozen riverbed, allows the inhabitants of the valley to reach Leh during this period.

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