Since 1988, the AaZ association has helped the children of Zanskar benefit from a quality education while preserving their own culture and traditions

Association Suisse pour l'Aide au Zanskar

School girl at the LMHS in Zanskar

Founded in 2013 december 2013, the Association Suisse pour l’Aide au Zanskar (AaZ-CH) helps children in Zanskar have access to quality education without giving up on their local culture, language and traditions.

Since then, it has been collaborating with the French association AaZ (founded in 1988) to support the development and ensure smooth operationsof the Lamdon Model High School in Pipiting, near Padum, in the Zanskar Valley (India)

To date, the school has nearly 300 students, from kindergarten to the final grade, and its success rate is among the best in Zanskar

The school can also take pride in having recently achieved its goal of gender parity, both in terms of students and teaching staff.

The Lamdon Model High School (LMHS)

Lamdon Model High School is located in the Padumplain (Zanskar), near the village of Pipting, at an altitude of 3600 m

Every year it welcomes about 300 pupils (almost 50% of them girls) divided into 12 classes: two years of nursery school, followed by classes I to X (primary and secondary schools)

The school yearbegins in Marchand ends in November, given the harsh weather conditions and freezing winters

Although it is a private school, the LMHS is subject to the same obligations as all schools in the Indian Union: programmes, controls, examinations, authorisations to open new classes, etc.). The school is periodically inspected by the school authorities of Kargil District and the Ministry of Jammu and Kashmir State.

Residential Building Project

LMHS / New Residential Building

As one of the top schools in Zanskar, the LMHS attracts students from remote villages

Due to the lack of road and transportation infrastructure, these students cannot return home during the week or even throughout the whole school year

To remedy this situation, AaZ-CH has committed to finance the construction of a residential building (Residential Building Project – RBP), which should see be completed in 2019/20

Initiated in 2016, the first residential students should be able to occupy the building when the school starts in March 2020 and the official inauguration is scheduled for the summer of 2020

In addition to accommodating about twenty students, the building will also offer a shared kitchen, bathroomsand accommodationfor a teacher and/or supervisor

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The strength of an association primarily depends on the number of its members. AaZ currently has over 600 members in France, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Sponsor a child

Becoming a sponsor means that a boy or girl in the heart of the Himalayas can go to school for 10 to 12 years with your help. This is an important moral commitment on your part.

Support the school

By subscribing to a school support, your commitment allows us to improve the school's daily operations, to replace a defective sponsor or to respond to an emergency situation

Make a donation

You also have the possibility of supporting our work by making a one-time donation of the amount of your choice. This will then be used to finance specific projects related to the LMHS.

Latest news from Zanskar

Professeurs préparant les cours à distance

Remote learning for LMHS students

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the LMHS was only able to open for 8 days this year and since mid-March, students have been studying by remote learning.

Le nouvel espace, aux nouvelles normes

Summer 2020 works at the LMHS

The Managing Committee is taking the opportunity of the forced closing of the school due to Covid-19 to carry out major work on the campus.

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